New York Fashion "48 hours"

Four cancelled flights, three airports, two delays, and one mechanical issue. Sitting front row New York Fashion Week… Priceless!

NYFW fell in between the dates of the biggest snowstorm of the year. My trip was cut short, my Uber bill came in just under a millions dollars, and an uninvited ex showed up to profess his love. But to be fair, there were no shortage of “pinch myself” moments. A stay-at-home single mom to a three year old, only 365 days ago, NYFW was nothing short of incredible. Here are the key highlights:

#1: #StyledByWendy

“Who dressed you?” is a question for celebrities. When Wendy Bannerman, owner of the luxury fashion retailer North 42 Fashion, asked me this, my initial response was “my own closet”. Luckily, she took over and took me under the #StyledByWendy wing. As a jetsetter and regular at fashion month (the weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris), Wendy understands the importance of dressing the part.

Though I’m used to sporting my regular short and tight getup, Wendy encouraged me inside a skirt completely out of my element. The brightly patterned Moschino skirt with the “Caution” banner hugging my waist definitely turned heads on Day 1.

#2: My Kardashian Moment

Day two, #StyledByWendy went beyond a couple of stares. When I climbed out of my Uber black Escalade, in front of the New York Plaza Hotel for the Christian Siriano show, I was overwhelmed by paparazzi and street style photographers: an obvious result of the combination of my gold bodycon Moschino dress and Stuart Weitzman thigh-high boots. Don’t they know I’m not Blair Waldorf? It was definitely more of a Little J moment. Whoever they thought I was, I felt like a Park Avenue Princess.

#3: Backstage at Jenny Packham. Seriously!

NYFW is not inclusive. It’s for the Olivia Palermo’s of the world. Surprisingly, it was quite accessible. Of course, my position as the wardrobe stylist on a hit entertainment show solidified my accreditation for the shows. Even then, the crowd was a combination of students, fashion enthusiasts, writers, stylist, and who knows what. Walking amongst the models getting made up and dressed backstage at the infamous Jenny Packham evening wear show, was nothing short of a “pinch me” moment.

#4: Anything Goes, It’s NYC.

Design rebels Nan Li and Emilia Pfhol truly delivered on my last show at Skylight Clarkson with fabric patterned with the male phallic symbol I dare not say and cutouts showing off the models’ behinds. Painted models and mermaid tails in Hell’s Angels fashion, this show was a commentary on unconventional female empowerment.

Backstage was filled with more surprises as entertainer Cardi B showed off her custom holographic gown adorned with the female unmentionables. Shock value aside, having a look at the garments up close and personal showed masterful craftsmanship and actual wearability when styled correctly.

My first NYFW experience was riddled with extraordinary moments, like hanging out at Soho House, and scoring a table at the fully reserved CATCH courtesy of the owner himself.  Best of all, I got to share my New York experience with my best friend Brian, the celebrity hairstylist who took two days and a reroute to Philadelphia just to join me… Unforgettable.