New Year. New You. Old Wardrobe.

Staying current with fashion can be exhausting, even for a stylist. Admittedly, dressing myself is the hardest. With all the access and practice, staying focused on one style is arduous because I want everything. With the democratization of fashion making “shiny and new” affordable, along with the constant streaming of images on social media, it’s hard not to give in.

This year, my resolution is to spend less money on fashion. Taking cues from my girls, who in the last year had a preference for costume jewelry at red carpet events, I reassessed my need to sport designer handbags and accessories. I’m not going to lie, I love my Balenciaga, but this year if I need a gold or nude clutch to go with a particular dress, a clutch that I will most likely wear just that one time, I’m heading straight to Aldo.

The same goes for shoes; this fall, I bought the Leggy Lady in velvet Stuart Weitzman boots, easily sold to me when I learned they were just worn by Gigi Hadid. Right now, to my uttermost frustration, they are on sale for HALF OFF. Worst part, I gave away the Sam Edelman replica to a friend back in 2011. Sure, Weitzmans are well made classics, but trends are so fickle and temporary that it’s just not reasonable to spend that kind of dough on thigh-high boots that cannot be worn in the snow, rain, sleet, or quite frankly, any time in Canada.

Getting fit is on everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions list, including mine. Ok, so maybe I don’t need to get fit, but I have made the connection that when I’m not happy with my workout and diet regime, or lack thereof, I spend money unnecessarily on new clothes. This is insanity. We all already have that dress or those jeans that would be killer if we just watched what we ate for two weeks, we wouldn't need another in half a size bigger. This is the majority of my wardrobe and I know that I am not alone. So this year, instead of heading to the mall when that invite arrives, I vow to stay fit and rock what’s already in my closet.

Women only wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time, but we claim our closets are filled with nothing to wear. In order to shop within your own wardrobe, the first thing you must do is strategize your closet. Organization is key, and a classic rule to follow is to throw out whatever hasn’t been worn for over a year.

Get to know your tailor. Have your local alterationist sew darts into a shift dress to make it bodycon. Those stretched out jeans, for just a mere ten dollars, can be resurrected at the dry cleaners by having them dart your pair for a perfect fit. Shorten a midi into and mini, open the neckline on a dress to show off more cleavage (my personal favourite trick) - the possibilities are endless.

No funds for a tailor? Get crafty yourself! Thread a needle to attach a lace trim on the hem of a slip or sweater dress to revamp an oldie into a goodie. Grab sandpaper and a stitch ripper and slaughter an old pair of jeans for spring. Turn an old belt or necklace into a choker. Cut the collar off a sweatshirt or t-shirt for some off-the-shoulder action. Worst case scenario? You ruin it and it becomes pajamas or beach clothes.

Whatever your creative juices employ, turn to your own closet this year before you buy anything new. Trust me, you don’t need it.