Novella Magazine: What I Wear to Work

Wardrobe Essentials

For the Summer, my jumpsuit from Mendocino is my go-to essential at the moment. I love it because it’s so easy to slip into, you can look chic instantly, and there is no styling required. For Fall, I love wearing a sexy long sleeved dress from M Boutique When I’m styling my own outfits I like to throw on  pieces that don’t require too much styling since I’m always on-the-go.


Admittedly, I have conformed to the Toronto stylist uniform- AG skinny jeans distressed in every colour from Over the Rainbow paired with a black or white tee from LNA, and a Rudsak leather jacket.  I’m on my feet all day, so I tend to gravitate towards a pair Converse for comfort. It’s difficult to look chic everyday so I find myself falling into a cycle of dressing in what works best.

Favourite Item in her wardrobe

Silk and lace shorts that I sewed myself

Favourite Accessory


Wardrobe stylist at ET Canada, self-proclaimed youth expert, mother, designer, and teacher. Prior to being the sole wardrobe stylist at ET Canada, Alicia worked in costume design in the film industry for eight years. She earned a B.Ed. and Masters at the University of Toronto while working on her passion, drafting patterns and designing eveningwear. As a self-taught sewer, her styling je ne sais quoi comes from a keen eye for design, understanding proportions and fit.